Cleaning a silk area rug is a complex job that requires the attention and care of a professional cleaning service. Whether you need help with your residential or commercial silk area rugs, give us a call. We specialize in all types of silk rugs and we tackle cleaning, repair, and restoration jobs at affordable rates. 

The Appeal Of Silk Area Rugs

Silk is a precious natural fiber that is naturally made by silkworm larvae. It contains fibroin, an extremely sturdy natural fiber. However, when water reaches fibroin, it loses around 20 percent of its original sturdiness. It is also possible to manufacture silk naturally; however, the quality of artificial silk is lower compared to the natural variant of silk.

Silk is also known for its ability to refract light that falls on it, creating the appearance of an appealing, shiny fabric that is nice to look at. Hence, the reason why many gorgeous area rugs are made from silk or a mix of silk and other natural fibers like wool and cotton. Silk rugs have been a part of our lives for many centuries, and lots of people have covered their floors with amazing antique silk area rugs woven by antique weavers more than a hundred years ago.

If you count among them, and you also own at least one decorative silk rug, whether it is a hearken silk rug that used to be seen in sultans’ palaces, a Kayseri rug or a Turkish model, you are going to need to ensure their periodical cleaning, repair, and restoration is done professionally. This will ensure that you will not only get to enjoy them for longer, but also be able to hand them over to the next generation and preserve their value in time.

Why Silk Rugs Require Special Cleaning Techniques

The sensitive and unique nature of silk fibers, in general, and silk rugs in particular makes them extremely vulnerable to a series of factors. Among them, we can mention steam, hot water, harsh chemicals found in most cleaning products and the use of the wrong cleaning methods by inexperienced cleaners.

All of these reasons and a few more should convince you why it is imperative to always hire expert cleaners who have been in the industry for many years and who have the right know-how and manpower to tackle any silk rug cleaning job, no matter how complex or urgent, without the risk of causing any damage.

The Spot On Cleaning team only works with the most efficient cleaning and repair procedures that never rely on toxic chemicals that could damage the structure of the carpets, causing the color dyes to bleed, and, ultimately damage the fibers, patterns, and yarn. All the technicians we work with have obtained their IICRC certificates which makes them well suitable for any type of silk area rugjob you might require from them.

Our Patented Silk Area Rug Cleaning Process

  • We initiate any silk rug cleaning job with a thorough assessment of the fibers, fabrics, dyes, and weaving techniques that have been used during the manufacturing of the rug. We also pay a lot of attention to any food or drink spots and recent spillage that might have occurred, as well as any faded areas caused by prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Our technicians will also look for any missing or broken fringe problems, tears and holes caused by moth infestation and other pests and basically any other type of problem that might be preventing you from fully enjoying your luxurious, comfortable, and attractive rugs at home or at your commercial space.
  • Once all of these aspects will be clarified, we will proceed to establish the best course of action. Again, please be advised that hiring poor-quality cleaners who do not have a lot of experience cleaning silk rugs might lead to the cleaners irreversibly damaging your precious rugs. Not all regular area rug cleaning methods are compatible with silk-made rugs, which is why it is essential to only work with services whose expertise you can fully trust.
  • After carefully vacuuming both sides of the rug as many times as needed to pull out all the deeply embedded dirt and debris from the fibers, we will choose an inconspicuous surface and perform the color bleeding test. This will help us determine just how sensitive the color dyes in the rug are and figure out what would be the safest and most efficient cleaning technique.
  • Once we will decide what the best washing and cleaning methods would be, we will put them into action these techniques will usually vary from one carpet to the next, as each of these rugs has its unique mix of fabrics and fibers, color dyes and other custom features that make it one of a kind.

Damage-Free Silk Rug Repairs

Just like with most rugs that are made from natural fibers using antique weaving techniques, silk rugs can get easily damaged when subject to improper vacuuming or brush scrubbing, when exposed to the natural light from the sun for too long, or because of mechanical forces such as tearing. Rugs with small burn holes in them, or rugs with broken and missing yarn and fringes require special care and repair techniques to restore their original condition. We are experts in silk rug repair jobs and we can help you save precious money on buying new rugs.

Silk Rug Restoration Solutions

We are also trained and experienced in restoring all types of silk rugs, so feel free to get in touch with our friendly customer support team and let us fix any structural damage our rug might be confronted with using expert tools and industry-approved methods.

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