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Looking for expert mold remediation near me services in your area at good prices? Get in touch with us at (888) 814-1686. We are the number one A/C, HVAC, bathroom tile and grout, carpeting, area rug, upholstery, and mattress mold removal company in the city. We are trained, skilled, and equipped to remove and contain hundreds of different types of mold.

Spot On Cleaning specializes in advanced mold remediation services for residential and commercial clients. We stem the tide of mold while reaching straight to the source. We also eradicate all stains and musty odors and restore surfaces to their original pre-loss state. While massive mold contamination can be a serious endeavor, our crew has the right expertise and manpower to tackle it with ease.

We Are IICRC-Certified Mold Removal Specialists

All the mold cleaning experts we work with have successfully passed their Mold Removal Specialist exams and obtained their certification from the IICRC. This turns them into trained professionals who possess the necessary know-how, hands-on expertise, and industry regulation knowledge to handle any mold remediation job, no matter how complex.

We Work With Pre-Screened, Fully Equipped Technicians

All the technicians we hire have been carefully screened and passed our rigorous testing. We also only work with mold cleaning technicians who are fully insured and/or bonded and who rely on the freshest cleaning technologies and pre-testing solutions. These allow them to successfully identify the water source promoting the growth of mold, as well as all inconspicuous mold colonies hiding inside HVAC ductwork, underneath carpets, inside mattresses, or behind furniture.

All our cleaners are fully equipped with professional vinyl gloves, high-rate filtration masks, and overalls that allow them to safely complete mold remediation and mold containment tasks when dealing with toxic, allergenic, or pathogenic mold.

We Rely on Expert Mold Remediation Equipment

Our cleaners only work with High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) air scrubbers and vacuums that allow them to accurately reach all traces of mold and prevent them from spreading into the air. They also use professional-grade dehumidifiers along with powerful steam cleaners that allow them to get rid of old mold and mildew stains that the air scrubbers might have left behind. We specialize in the entire array of cleaning services for homes and commercial spaces, which means we can deodorize carpets and area rugs, freshen up upholstered furniture and leave your mattresses looking brand new once we are done removing the mold from them.

Our Mold Cleanup Solutions

Our crew will begin the mold cleaning process by first identifying the root cause of the problem. This could be anything from an improperly ventilated room to high humidity levels that may require the use of an air dehumidifier, a construction defect, a leaking water pipe, a dripping A/C system, an accidental flood, or liquid spills that have not been properly cleaned and dried and anything in between.

Once the source of the mold has been accurately identified, we move forward and use eco-friendly mold removal products to rescue the contaminated surface and bring it back to its previous condition. Next, our technicians remove compromised materials and any contents according to mold cleaning industry requirements and efficiently clean the air with the help of HEPA air filters and vacuums. They only work with cleaning products that have received the approval of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Bathroom Mold Remediation Services

If you have noticed traces of black mold covering your tile and grout inside your bathroom or the area around your shower, toilet, sink, or bathtub and you can smell a specific moldy odor every time you enter your bathroom, give us a call. We have developed the best mold remediation procedures and we can implement the best containment and cross-contamination prevention solutions using negative pressures with HEPA devices that filter the air.

Upholstery, Carpet & Mattress Mold Removal

We specialize in all types of mold spores that thrive on wet or damp carpeting and mattresses that have not been properly dried after a spill or advanced cleaning. We use advanced eco-friendly cleaners and steam cleaning to eradicate all mold stains and bad odors.

Nonstop Communication & Friendly Staff

Left untreated, mold damage can trigger a plethora of issues inside your home or business space, eventually leading to a number of health-connected problems. Once an abnormally high quantity of moisture is present in the air, tiny microorganisms including mold begin to multiply, triggering the deterioration of the structures and pungent mold odors. If you are not sure if you are currently dealing with mold contamination but you suspect your allergies, headaches, or dizziness might be caused by mold spores dispersed by your heating or cooling system inside the house or at the office, get in touch with our friendly crew. We know just what questions to ask to ask and how to explain to you our cleaning process and line of work. Hire us and you will constantly stay up-to-date with all steps of the cleanup process.

Enjoy the Best Mold Remediation Prices in the City

We provide free price mold removal price estimates and competitive prices to both residential and commercial clients. No matter how easy or complex your needs are, we have the skills, manpower, and tools to tackle them right on schedule.

Give us a call right now and let our MRS experts remove all the mold in your home or business venue in just a few hours!

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The Environmental Protection Agency strongly urges consumers to have their carpets periodically cleaned in order to guard the health and safety of all household members.

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