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Moths are some of the peskiest, most annoying and damaging insects you could be dealing with right now. Why? If your closets or pastry have already been invaded by these flying and crawling creatures, you probably already know the answer. Moths feed off natural fibers such as wool, cotton, or silk, as well as cereal, tea, pet food or dry food, depending on the species your home is “hosting”.

If your home is nicely decorated with pricey silk draperies, gorgeous wool carpets, and cotton Oriental area rugs, having moths could be a real disaster. You could lose thousands of dollars worth of carpeting and upholstery. If you are dealing with pastry moths, your supplies of food are most likely completely compromised – more lost money and frustration to add to the table.

If you have started to notice any crawling insects or small dark “butterflies” flying around at night, but you never thought too much of it, it is time you did something about it. The sooner you tackle this problem, the faster you can regain control over your home and everything in it and start damage repair. Pick up the phone, get in touch with us and let us help you live in a moth-free home once again. We provide the safest, most efficient, and affordable moth control solutions in NYC.

Why It Is A Bad Idea To Try DIY Moth Control Solutions

Moths are not only unsightly to look at, especially in their larval stages live when you might see them crawling up and down your ceilings, but they are also extremely damaging as they can remain hidden in spaces that are almost impossible to access (the back of your wall-mounted cupboards, behind heavy closets or tiny small cracks). They can stay there for a long time and keep laying thousands of eggs their eggs behind your kitchen cupboards or straight inside the knits in your favorite wool sweaters in the back of your closets.

Getting rid of moths does not come easy using simple over-the-counter sprays or moth traps you can usually find in stores. Plus, most of these products are toxic and harmful to inhale. If you live in a household with small children and pets, you may want to think of some alternative for eradicating the nasty moths around your home.

To make sure you are doing things the right and safe way, get n touch with the Spot On Cleaning team. We specialize in advanced and safe moth control services and we guarantee you will be fully satisfied with our work. Do not let the apparently harmless moths destroy all the food in your cupboards and pastry or turn your favorite clothes, carpets or curtains and draperies.

How would you like to pour your favorite morning cereal into a bowl and notice a few dead moths floating in your milk? Or pick up an outfit from your closet and notice dozens of tiny holes in your T-shirt? Expensive carpets that have been in the family for many years could also be chewed off by hungry mouths.

Pay attention to any small signs of moth infestation in the form of crawling larvae on the walls, tiny cracks in your carpets, clothes, or food wrappers and be quick to give us a call and schedule an emergency appointment with us. Don’t let the pesky moths turn your home into their favorite host and keep laying their eggs in the cracks of your furniture. Let our expert moth control technicians come over and save your precious carpeting and upholstery.

Why Professional Moth Control Services Are A Must

If you own a lot of expensive or priceless antique area rugs that you have received as a gift or as part of a family heirloom, you should make sure there are no damaging moths in your moth cleaning moth on a wallhome. Why risk having the Tineola Bisselliella thrive in damp areas around the house and make holes in your precious Oriental rugs?

Moth larvae need wool to feed and your wool carpeting can easily turn into their favorite meal. Moth eggs take around 7 days to hatch; the larvae can stay in this stage for around 2 and a half years. They will continue to eat your wool and other natural fabrics and finally turn into cocoons that live for 7 days.

At the end of the week, the cocoons will turn into moths that will live a short month and create new larvae that will resume the vicious cycle. It is something similar to what butterflies experience; however, moths cause serious damage inside your closet or pastries and they can cause irreparable damage to your pricey carpets, so the cycle must be stopped at all costs.

This is where the Spot On Cleaning expert team of moth control technicians can prove its worth. Let us use the safest moth control solution suitable for your home and the severity of the moth infestation. We can also fix any tears and holes in your area rugs and carpeting or upholstery and remove nasty odors that might still remind you of ever having had moths in your home.

We can easily reweave or reknot your broken carpets and male sure they fit the original designs, colors, and patterns.

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We offer free price quotes, transparent, and highly competitive moth control prices. Let us help you get rid of pesky and damaging moths at a fraction of our competitors’ price.

Stop postponing giving us a call. Let us help you bring back your peace of mind and restore your beloved carpeting and upholstery. Call today!

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The Environmental Protection Agency strongly urges consumers to have their carpets periodically cleaned in order to guard the health and safety of all household members.

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