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Professional Viscose Rug Cleaners

Unfortunately, as much as you might love the beautiful shimmer and softness of your beloved viscose rugs at home or at your commercial space, their cleaning is an extremely demanding process that often times ends up in damaged rugs. While the lifespan of viscose rugs is considerably smaller than that of other types of area rugs by default, given the nature of their manmade fibers, there are some things that can be done to preserve these rugs for longer.

The Spot On Cleaning team specializes in the entire array of viscose rug cleaning services. We charge affordable rates and we guarantee your satisfaction no matter what cleaning job you might need us to do.   

Our Top Viscose Rug Cleaning Services

Viscose area rugs have a series of vulnerabilities that make them incredibly susceptible to color bleeding, yellowing, tears, and other forms of structural damage that could make the rugs impossible to use. We are prepared to effectively assess, tackle, and eliminate the risks associated with cleaning viscose rugs by doing the following:

  • detailed viscose carpet assessments and inspections
  • advanced color run testing on inconspicuous surfaces
  • spot and stain removal, including fresh stains and pet urine
  • anti-browning solutions
  • dry vacuuming
  • low moisture washing
  • fabric protectant application

Give us a call if you need us to handle any or all of these services for you. We work at affordable prices and we only hire cleaning technicians who are IICRC approved and certified, which means they have vast experience and expertise working with all types of area rugs, sensitive viscose rugs included.

Why Do You Need Expert Viscose Rug Cleaners?

Viscose is a man-made fiber whose characteristics are more similar to those of paper rather than those of area rugs. This means that they are almost as fragile and easy to tear and break like a piece of paper and they require special attention when it comes to cleaning, maintenance, or restoration.

If the fibers found in original silk carpets are capable of withstanding up to 2,000 stretching and pulling attempts during cleaning and vacuuming, a viscose rug will not be able to go past 70 stretches. As you can imagine, special care if a must and you should only work with professional and certified cleaners who know just how to handle these rugs and preserve them for as long as possible.

The fact that viscose is a manmade fiber manufactured in special factories with the help of wood pulp, chemicals, and by-products that result from cotton makes it more difficult to dispose of. Prolonging the life cycle of a viscose carpet should, therefore, become a priority for you. We can assist you with advanced cleaning and fabric protectant application that should help you enjoy your rugs for longer, while saving money on buying replacement rugs.

Viscose carpets do not hold color dye very well, which means they will start to bleed very easily as soon as water, moisture, or liquid spills and cleaning products will reach them.

Our Advanced Viscose Rug Cleaning Protocol

Over the years, we have been asked to clean hundreds, if not thousands of viscose rugs and this has allowed us to constantly explore, test, invent, and mix the best procedures. Today, we are proud to be using a safe cleaning protocol with a zero-damage policy. If you are truly looking for a service where your beloved viscose rugs will benefit from the highest care and consideration, give us a call. We specialize in the entire array of viscose rugs, whether you know them as banana rugs, bamboo carpets, art silk rugs, or rayon carpeting.

We have invested our time, skills, know-how, and manpower in developing the most efficient and reliable dry vacuuming and low moisture cleaning protocols and we warmly invite you to get in touch with us and give any of them a try.

At times, depending on the exact particularities of your rug, we may also be able to use some steam cleaning methods to remove stains that are more difficult to tackle using basic washing methods. However, steam, moisture, and water in general are a potential hazard for the structure and the integrity of any rug made of viscose, so special attention needs to be given when steaming is up for discussion.

Dry vacuuming with the help of low-power vacuum cleaners is one of the most efficient cleaning methods we normally use for the great majority of viscose carpets that we are asked to clean. The fact that we do not use any high-power options or additional beating heads and other special vacuum accessories helps us limit the risk of fiber pulling. This will, in turn, limit the amount of damage done to the rugs.

With the help of low moisture washing using only very small amounts of fresh water at a time, we can also successfully remove any traces of staining or soiling that might be left after the careful vacuuming is completed. We may also need to use special stain removal detergents to remove some more stubborn stains that have been covering your precious rugs for a longer time.

Free Estimates and Affordable Viscose Rug Cleaning Prices

Our experts create fully comprehensive, customized price estimates that will match the unique rugs we will be asked to clean without incurring any additional obligations to you. Plus, they charge some of the most competitive and convenient viscose carpet cleaning prices in town.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us and allow us to schedule a cleaning job for your precious viscose rugs today.

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The Environmental Protection Agency strongly urges consumers to have their carpets periodically cleaned in order to guard the health and safety of all household members.

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