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Expert Commercial & Residential Sofa Steam Cleaning 

Do you need expert leather sofa cleaners in the New York area? Looking for affordable sofa steam cleaning services for your home or office space? The Spot On Cleaning team is your go-to cleaning pro that specializes in all types of leather and upholstered furniture cleaning solutions, including deodorization, deep cleaning, stain removal for stubborn food spills, shampooing, vacuuming and scotchgard options for long-term protection.

With affordable and highly flexible rates, a friendly customer support team ready to assist you in any way possible and the most reliable services in town, you have every reason to contact us today!

Advanced sofa cleaning services we offer

A sofa is a wonderful hangout spot for families and a convenient piece of furniture for a commercial venue. When staining, spotting and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight take their toll on an upholstered sofa, regular household cleaners will only act superficially and only remove part of the bacteria. More often than not, household cleaners will wreak havoc on leather, cotton, silk and other types of sensitive fabrics, given the harsh chemicals they contain. Using a sofa cleaner that has bleach in it will also lead to unwanted results and further damage.

A professional sofa steam cleaner service like ours will tackle any silk, cotton or leather sofa cleaning job using custom solutions that will be carefully designed to match their needs. It is essential for any sofa cleaning service NYC to use dedicated treatment methods and products that match the exact type of fabrics in an upholstered sofa, chair, ottoman or bench. Silk and leather are two of the most delicate types of materials that should always be handled by the trained hands of cleaners who know exactly what they are doing.

Here are some of the most common sofa cleaning services we can provide you with:

  • professional sofa shampooing solutions
  • dry vacuuming
  • deodorization
  • stain removal
  • scrubbing
  • sofa steam cleaning
  • scotchgard options
  • leather sofa cleaning
  • upholstered couch restoration
  • Sofa Shampooing Services

Our sofa cleaning services include a variety of procedures, including a series of mechanized cleaning methods, steam cleaning and hot water extraction for furniture pieces covered in fabrics and other types of similar upholstery.

The sofa shampooing solutions we specialize in feature a few important steps, such as the dry vacuuming step that will ensure all traces of loose dirt are carefully extracted from the sofa. Another important step is the use of chemical foam and different types of scrubbing solutions that will ensure the most efficient deep cleaning results for the sofa. Finally, the extraction of all traces of moisture and residual debris and germs will set the ground for another sofa cleaning procedure we effectively use here:

Leather Sofa Cleaning and Polishing Solutions

Our IICRC-certified sofa cleaners NY will first use dry vacuuming solutions to get rid of all excess dust, followed by the careful reconditioning of the sofa, chair or bench with the help of expert creams or waxes. We know which are the most efficient buffing techniques and how to use them without causing any damage to your precious pieces of furniture at home or at the workplace.

Depending on the exact thickness of the fabric in your sofas, the dry time will vary from one item to the next, but it should not take more than two or three hours. The use of an A/C or ventilating fan at the end of the cleaning process will ensure perfect drying conditions for best results.

Sofa Steam Cleaners NY: Expert Stain Removal

Any old traces of stains and spills that our steam cleaning and hot water extraction procedures will not be able to eliminate thoroughly will be handled with the help of specialized stain removal products. However, please keep in mind there is no absolute guarantee that all types of stains and spots can be eliminated 100%, especially when dealing with old stains that have not been tackled in any way right when they occurred. Using harsher chemicals to eliminate some spots could result in further fabric damage.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions For Couch Cleaning

We only work with the safest environmentally-friendly, non-toxic and non-harmful sofa cleaners that will guarantee zero health issues at the end of the job. We purchase our cleaning products straight from the hands of manufacturers, which allows us to charge smaller rates for our services. We also use safe odorizing products that will leave your sofas smelling great and fresh for a longer time, while improving the quality of the air inside your home or office. We can also seal your leather sofa with suitable scotchgard solutions that will leave them better protected against further staining, dirt, dust, pollen and accumulating bacteria that is not visible to the naked eye.

Affordable Sofa Cleaning Prices

Call now and let us provide you with the most accurate, transparent and realistic sofa and leather cleaning service prices for your sofas, chairs, benches or ottomans. Depending on the number of sofas you need cleaned, the fabrics they are covered in and the type of staining we will be dealing with, we will issue to most convenient sofa steam cleaning price quotes for you by phone.

Get in touch with us by calling (718) 473-0955 now and allow us to bring back the lost charm in your beloved sofas at home or at work. We’re fast, affordable and offer top-tier services, so do not hesitate to call! 

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